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Moshi TZ – Retired Employee expands livestock project – 15 Sep 2019

Mama Elias sold 8 pigs and earned 800,000 ($350 USD) TZS. Feeling confident in her animal husbandry expertise, she used the money to purchase a milk cow to diversify her income streams.

Previously, Mama Elias expanded her pig banda to allow for the comfortable healthy growth of her pigs. After the expansion, she purchased 4 pigs. Those pigs reproduced. So, She sold 3 of the grown pigs and 8 piglets to earn money to buy her cow.

Mama Elias likes the idea of diversification and hopes to continue it. By diversifying her livestock, she reduces the risk of losing all of her animals due to disease outbreak. Diversification also helps her maintain a consistent income. Milk cows produce daily income, while pigs generate cash windfalls when they’re sold.

Mama Elias will fatten the remaining piglets and she hopes to get her grown pig pregnant again. She will save the money she makes from selling pigs and milk so she can start a chicken project.