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Kikondo, UG – Wamukisa Employee uses savings to expand home income – 15 Sep 2019

Rose has been employed by Wamukisa since 2015. During that time she has learned improved gardening and farming techniques which have helped improve her standard of living. Additionally, this employment has allowed her to save portions of her income so she could expand her piggery project

Since starting with Wamukisa in 2015, Rose has attended every training Wamukisa has provided. She is also an integral part of the work Wamukisa performs with there families. As a result, she has learned how to apply these best practices on her own farm and garden. As well, she has consistently saved portions of her salary in order to use it to expand her income. Most recently, she withdrew 500,000 UGS ($140 USD) to expand her pigpen to accommodate more pigs

However, Rose is challenged by her limited literacy. As a result, she does not fully benefit from some of the trainings she receives from Wamukisa or her VICOBA Group, Zinabala.

Fortunately, She will begin attending adult English literacy classes in 2020 at the local primary school.