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Siem Reap, KH – Family invests garden income to build chicken coop – 15 May 2019

bon chanThe CMB family invested savings from their vegetable garden to build a chicken coop. The coop houses 50 free-range chickens. They plan to buy chicks, fatten them, and sell them for meat. They will continue saving this income to invest in future opportunities and to complete construction of their new home.

The CMB family started their FAITH organic vegetable garden in June 2018. The objective of the garden was to improve the children’s health and generate extra income the family could save and invest.  Since June the family saved US $300. They invested that money, plus some income from other work, to build the chicken coop and purchase 50 chickens. Peaksneng Thormacheat manger Rey Diez loves the design so much that he hopes to build a similar coop at his farm.

65103945_629451034218246_7306615578184122368_nThe CMB family hopes to earn around US $50 per month from the project. They will continue investing this income in future productive assets and use some of the income to continue construction of their new home.