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Siem Reap, KH – Family grows income by focusing on maintaining and improving assets – 15 Apr 2019

65028782_341868326487314_5351767045975310336_n (1)The BKC family started their FAITH organic vegetable garden in 2013 using knowledge shared by Peaksneng Thormacheat and their own experience as farmers. They expanded the garden to be a commercial garden with extra beds to earn income and they used that income to maintain their tractor and purchase a motorbike. After years of hard work the family is finally seeing the dramatic life improvements they have dreamed about.

Rey describes Mr. BKC’s commitment to using organic gardening best practices as “religious.” Mr. BKC has been patient. He maintains his productive assets and he is frugal even when his family increases their income. When he spends money, he spends it on assets that will improve the family’s life. For example, he purchased a motorcycle to ensure his children could attend school everyday and to help him be more efficient moving between projects.

Now that he has a motorcycle and a number of productive assets, Mr. BKC’s children attend school everyday, he never worries about affording school fees or materials, and he feeds his children well every day.

53030508_1925388030904222_1692962884155342848_nMr. BKC is still facing many of the same challenges as other farmers. Climate change is making weather unpredictable, which affects crop yields and prices. His children, influenced by modern media, are less interested in helping maintain the farm and becoming farmers in the future. However, daily life is steady enough that Mr. BKC can start thinking about more long term goals.

His dream is for each of his children to own their own land and house and to be happy and healthy.