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Siem Reap, KH – From day laborer to employer, Mr. NN is improving life for himself, his family, and his community – 15 Mar 2019

A home being constructed by Mr. NN.

A home being constructed by Mr. NN.

When the NN family moved into the Peaksneng Rent-to-Own community, Mr. NN dreamed of finding steady employment. Now, he is responsible for building the Rent-to-Own community and, in addition to employing himself, he employs five full time workers. Mr. NN has become a leader and a role model in the community. He hopes his success inspires others.

Mr. NN was a skilled carpenter but he lacked formal education. Peaksneng Thormacheat Shop manager Rey Diaz approached Mr. NN and asked if he would take over managing construction of Rent-to-Own homes. Mr. NN was nervous because he didn’t think he had the skills to manage employees and monitor design, budget, and schedule specifications. He could barely read and write, but he was up to the task of trying to lead the projects.

With mentoring and assistance from Rey, Mr. NN quickly became comfortable in his role. Now, he employs five people full time. He has built nine Rent-to-Own homes to date and is planning additional homes in 2019.

Mr. NN’s prominent role has made him a leader in the community. He is working with like-minded neighbors to begin writing community expectations related to livestock confinement, waste removal, and other conduct that affects the whole neighborhood.