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Siem Reap, KH – Store enables family to buy land – 30 Nov 2018

Lem Chan family with shopThe LC family has been able to buy a lot of land with earnings from their small neighborhood retail shop. This is because the shop has been growing as it continues to cater to members of the Peaksneng community. It usually carries basic goods such as canned food, instant noodles, coffee, soda, and other items that people need on a daily basis. They now also sell candy, chips, and beer; and will stock literally any commodity that the community needs.

LC and his wife started on the path to buying this land 4 years ago when they built a small vegetable garden. The productivity and extra income they achieved from their small family garden gave them the confidence to take the next step for improving their family’s situation. So they started raising pigs, with the help of a small loan from the local garden shop, and also extended their garden. They are also raising a cow.

Lem Chan artistThe family’s achievements and living improvements have inspired LC to continue to share his painting skills by working as an art teacher in Peaksneng junior school.

LC now has many responsibilities as a teacher, shop seller and as a father to three children, so it is a constant challenge to make the time to maintain his productive garden.

He is pleased to have this challenge because it gets him and his wife closer to their dream of owning a comfortable house for their family.