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Siem Reap, KH – Family uses organic vegetable garden to save for future – 10 Aug 2018

64836932_447157159397553_6863058255233417216_nThe CMB family started a FAITH organic vegetable garden in June and they are enjoying benefits like a consistent supply of healthy green vegetables and an alternative income source.

Mr. CMB is a hardworking man with little formal education but many practical skills. He is a carpenter, a farmer, a gardener, and a quick-study of nearly any other kind of day labor somebody might need. In the past he earned around USD $7.00 per day from his efforts. This was just enough money to take care of the family. However, Mr. CMB was not able to save money and he felt very vulnerable. Any unexpected expense or reduction in income would have a huge impact on his family.

Growing vegetables at home gives the CMB family a cushion. They save a little money each money from selling vegetables. They know they will have a food source even if Mr. CMB cannot find work one day. They are also feeling healthier now that they eat green vegetables each day.

Mr. CMB hopes that he can continue saving money and invest in a productive asset that will give his family more savings and opportunities to improve their lives.