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Los Alamitos, USA – Learning skills to become successful adults – 10 Aug 2018

groupDear Better Lives,

My name is Jason Hearn, I am 17 years old, and I’m a senior at Los Alamitos High School. The Leadership Academy helped me in many ways because all of the workshops focused on skills I need to become a successful adult. Each workshop was valuable and will be useful to me in my future, especially the car maintenance, the financial lessons, and the interview tips. The things I learned at the Academy varied from how to manage money, to the importance of good credit, to how to cook for myself to how to present yourself for an interview.

Since I was young, I have had to learn to work hard and stay focused in terms of school and athletics, which has not always come easy to me. I think I’m what might be called a “late bloomer,” but I have overcome my personal obstacles and challenges through hard work and staying focused on things that are important to me in my life.

After graduating the Leadership Academy, I felt more empowered to pursue my ultimate dream of attending the Air Force Academy to become a pilot. As we learned in the Leadership Academy, having a solid plan with goals helps one pave a road to success. If not accepted into the Air Force Academy, I would like to attend the Naval Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, or go to Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. As a part of working towards my goals, I have also been and still am a Los Alamitos Police Explorer.

carI feel that education helps the youth of today to be successful in life. That is why I have worked hard at school to maintain a 3.94 GPA. Subsequently, I have been awarded Excellence in English and made the Honor Roll. In addition, this will be my fourth year playing baseball for Los Alamitos High School.

In the Leadership Academy, we learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. What we learned ranged from cooking to reading food labels to staying physically active. In the cooking workshop, I grilled chicken and prepped a few dishes in helping to prepare a three-course meal for all the Leadership Academy graduation guests, including state senators and mayors. Parents who came to our graduation could not believe we cooked all that food without having a kitchen. It was delicious too!

During the Leadership Academy, we learned how important it is to utilize and practice your leadership skills. We learned about public speaking, how to be confident and how to engage others with what we have to say. Last year, I worked in a leadership role for the Los Alamitos High School Christian Club. This year, I will utilize all my new leadership skills to improve the club and activities for other students. Being involved in the community is a big part of my life. Along with the LAHS Club, I do a lot of volunteer work at my church’s youth group. I plan to continue helping others because it makes me feel happy and gives me purpose.

group lectureIn addition, my mother shared her thoughts on me attending the academy, saying she thought it was quite valuable. She said that having a mentor from various fields of expertise is beneficial, and how all the workshops were very practical, well organized and useful. She said she hopes that when my younger brother is old enough, that he will also have the opportunity to attend the Academy.

I feel like what I learned at the Leadership Academy will help me become a successful adult and to reach my full potential. I highly recommend the Academy to other youths, so they too can be prepared for life beyond high school and face their future with confidence.

Jason Hearn
2018 Leadership Academy Graduate