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Kikondo, UG- Family benefits from active participation in training sessions – 30 Jul 2018

1529931609428The HHL family has attended 5 training sessions with Wamukisa. They are putting the skills they learned to work, starting a 3-bed family vegetable garden and a garden extension for income generation. The family has attended the following training sessions:

  • Growing Healthy Vegetables
  • Guiding – Prioritize, Inspect, Encourage
  • Earning Income – Produce, Earn, Save, Invest
  • Organic Garden Maintenance

The family is made up grandparents and their two grandchildren. The grandparents’ children are older and have moved away from home. They live in Nsujjuwe village, Mpigi district, Uganda, which borders Kikondo village, where Wamukisa is based.

1529931567333Thanks to their hard work, the family has been earning 10,000 UGS ($3 USD) weekly since May from the sales of their garden produce. They have been selling vegetables and organic pest repellentsn to Kigasa Women’s Group members.

A challenge moving forward for the grandparents is the manual labor it takes to maintain their farm. Since their grandchildren are young, they sometimes have to pay helpers who come work on their farm.