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Ngara, TZ – People, Process and Parts Holistic Design assists Mukibogoye maintain garden harvest – 1 June 2018

SODAT ABCD - Harvest_editedStudents at Mukibogoye Primary School continue to maintain productive gardens and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. The students harvest roughly 250 kg of green vegetables per week. They enjoy the vegetables a part of their daily school breakfast.

Mukibogoye student garden clubs spent 2017 expanding their organic vegetable gardens and finally achieved their harvest target in December. In 2018 they are focused on maintaining the productivity of the gardens and beginning to harvest form corn, bean, and banana farms at school.

According to SODAT manager David Gitanga, the key to success has been continuously improving collaboration with teachers, who in turn provide more effective support to students. Success collaboration requires:

  • People who clearly understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Processes (schedule) that are easy to understand and follow
  • Parts (tools) that have low cost of ownership and make work easier

SODAT ABCD - Harvest 2_edited“The teachers are really starting to help us more,” David explains, “And we are learning how to work with them so we can all help the students be successful.”