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Battambang, KH – Growing is better than scavenging – 30 Jun 2018

PrekPM is a part-time fisherman and farmer. Before February 2018 his wife earned additional income by harvesting and selling wild growing vegetables that she found around the village area.

In February 2018, PM and his wife built an organic vegetable garden with the assistance of the Healthy Life Reinforcement shop team. Since then, they have been working hard in their new garden and making it very productive. PM’s wife spends most of her time in the garden instead of looking for wild vegetables like before. The garden’s productivity means that they are able to use the harvested vegetables for both daily food and selling surplus vegetables for income.

Each time they harvest, they earn 5$ to $15. This means that the garden has contributed to improving their living conditions and also to paying for their grandchildren’s school expenses.

Before the garden, they were living hand to mouth while caring for their three grandchildren and preferring to skimp on food so that their grandchildren could receive an education. Their grandchildren are all in school, and PM and his wife say they will never give up their dream of keeping them there.