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Kikondo, UG- Father saves income and improves health of three children – 9 May 2018

Wamukisa - ABCD Pics - LBL family - 20180330The father of the LBL family built a vegetable garden at his home using skills he learned at one of Wamukisa’s organic vegetable growing training sessions. The garden provides food for the family and income for their savings. Each week, the LBL family is able to save 4,000 UGS ($1.08 USD) by harvesting fresh vegetables from their home each day instead of purchasing them at the market.

The LBL family lives in Kikondo village, Uganda, and is made up of the father and his three boys. Sadly, the mother of the family passed away three years ago from complications with HIV. The LBL father is also HIV positive, but he carries on with his work as a home builder and is very active helping extend vegetable gardens all throughout the village. All his sons attend Kikondo Primary School, and they help him with his building projects every weekend while they’re not attending school.

Since the creation of their home vegetable garden, their health has greatly improved because they now have a consistent source of fresh vegetables to eat. The Wamukisa training sessions have taught LBL skills that enable him to build, operate, maintain, and sustain a productive vegetable garden, which he has passed onto his sons.  LBL says, ‘’I cannot miss training sessions because Wamukisa always gives us new knowledge and skills”.

Wamukisa hopes to be able to give the LBL family one piglet so that they can have a constant supply of manure for their vegetable garden.

One of the challenges for father is that it sometimes becomes difficult to balance work with managing the vegetable garden during the week when his sons are at school.

Looking forward, he hopes to one day be able to open a large commercial vegetable garden since he has acquired the skills and has the land to do so, which will increase his income.