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Moshi, TZ – Maendeleo Primary School garden club meeting targets, ready to expand – 1 Apr 2018

Maendeleo and nazaeliMaendeleo Primary School’s student garden clubs met their target of harvesting 75k kg of vegetables every 2 weeks in the first quarter of 2018. Now they are preparing to expand the number of vegetable and banana gardens in the second quarter of 2018.

Tupendane collaborated with teachers and parent Task Force members to agree on the responsibilities and schedules for students, teachers, and Task Force members. The students are responsible for taking care of the vegetable and banana gardens with help from their Mama Bustani, Nazaeli. Student Garden Clubs have done a great job of following the schedule and their work is paying off. They will need to continue following the agreed schedule if they want to keep hitting harvest targets even as the land being farmed expands.

Maendeleo bananaIn addition to harvesting vegetables the garden clubs have been taking care of banana trees. The trees are beginning to fruit. This gives the students energy as they look forward to enjoying bananas with their school breakfast in a few months!