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Kikondo, UG – Family Seedling Day kicks off preparation for planting season – 16 Feb 2018

Families in Kikondo came together and had a Family Seedling Day  to prepare for the upcoming planting season. They gathered together at Wamukisa’s demonstration garden and planted seedlings that will be ready to be permanently planted into the soil in a few weeks when the rains begin.

This preparation and staging was a step in the direction of Wamukisa’s goal to help families expand from 3-bed vegetable gardens intended to provide daily vegetables to 12-bed vegetable gardens intened to help families earn additional income.

While families were preparing seedlings, garden shop manager Michael Kiwanuka reviewed best practices in soil nourishment and garden maintenance with families.

On March 16th, Wamukisa and the families plan to transfer the seedlings to the families’ expanded gardens, where they will be planted.