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Battambang, KH – Grandmother’s garden feeds her grandchildren – 31 Jan 2018

Som and grandsonThe SSS family is harvesting fresh vegetables and enjoying both health benefits and increased income.  The grandmother of the family and her three  grandchildren are working together in the garden. Grandmother said that she has never received support from anyone before, so she is very happy and thankful for the assistance she has received for her vegetable garden from the Healthy Life Reinforcement shop.

The garden brings many benefits because grandmother uses the vegetables to feed her grandchildren and is able to sell a portion of her harvest to earn an income. She uses the income to support the living costs of her family and for her grandchildren’s education. The garden has already produced a few harvests, which can earn the family $5 – $10 per harvest.

A challenge is that the family does not own the land for the garden, it is on land that belongs to a nephew who lives in the capital Phnom Phen. Another challenge is finding a steady source of water for the garden because the water supply from the pond will run out during the hot dry season.

Moving forward, the grandmother hopes that her garden continues to be productive so that she can save money for buying her own land and supporting her grandchildren’s higher education.


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