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Mt Kilimanjaro, TZ- Eliza’s family pig banda continues to model income earning opportunity – 30 Jan 2018

The 2 pigs in Eliza’s pig banda are healthy and getting fatter every day. Their estimated value is 300,000 TZS (US $139.53), and Eliza says that she has spent 100,000 TZS on food for them for far.

Eliza’s pig banda is continuing to develop and intends to help create a source of income for her and her family. The banda all began with a loan from Lishe Bora and support from Parmiters School in August of 2017. The objective of the project is to improve Eliza’s family’s income. The project is also a model of a household pig banda that other families in the community can learn from and emulate.

Eliza plans to buy another pig soon and to fatten the two pigs she currently has for a couple more months, and then sell them. She hopes to continue to buy piglets, grow them, and sell them in order to continue to create a steady source of income for her family.