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Battambang, KH – Garden creates health and income benefits – 31 Dec 2017

pisey garden (4 VP and his family are excited about the growth and success of their FAITH garden that was created in December of 2017. The parents and children are all smiles because this is the first time they have been able to harvest vegetables from their own garden.

The manager of the Healthy Life Reinforcement garden shop, Salee, said that when he first visited the family, the garden was only producing enough morning glory to pick a small bundle of it. Now, the garden harvests around 30kg of morning glory from three different beds, and the long bean and morning glory plants are green, fresh, and growing well.

The garden produces fresh vegetables for the family’s daily food and is also a source of income because they are able to sell a portion of their harvest at the market. This income is used to support the schooling of the family’s three children. So is their oldest girl (9 years old),  Sreypin is their only boy (4 years old), and Sivmey is their youngest daughter (2 years old). So is currently in 3rd grade, and the two younger children haven’t started school yet.

A potential threat to the garden is their water source, which has been a persistent problem for the family. The family pumps water from the river nearby, but if the river is dry they will have some issues with watering the garden.

Despite this water problem, the family is very excited about the garden and hopeful that it will continue to grow and provide benefits for them. VP hopes that one day all of his children will be able to receive a good education and do good work in their lives.