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Siem Reap, KH – Dreams can come true – 27 Oct 2017

Weun and MoumWeun Ti is now 33 years old and his positive attitude and willingness to work hard has been moving him and his family out of extreme poverty towards food and income self-reliance. Since he has had a regular income as a member of the Peaksneng Thormacheat garden shop team, he has continued to be motivated to provide a clear direction for his family, to work hard and have aspirations for them.

Since Weun’s operation that enabled him to walk for the first time, he sometimes has a lot of pain in his leg when he uses it too much. Fortunately, he now owns a three-wheel motor bike, which he can safely drive with his disability. This helps his leg and gives him flexibility with his job, enabling him to transport his children to school, and also visit families to mentor them about organic vegetable gardening techniques and how best to schedule planting and harvesting for the different seasons.

His family are taking a major step this year. On December 1st they will move into their new rent-to-own home and be with the other families in the rent-to-own community. After Weun signs the rent-to-own agreement, he anticipates he will feel a great sense of relief because there is a great sense of belonging within community. His family will feel settled in life, and have a safe place to live that will give them all a sense of security and peace of mind.

Weun houseWith this new home, Weun will have a permanent address. His children will be able to build strong and lifelong friendships with other children of their age group because they will not need to move to other places to live. The biggest benefit he says he gets from their rent-to-own house is the sense of hope for the future coupled with receiving respect from family and friends.

Weun says “he never thought that he could escape his situation and find a better life until now. This feeling of having a better life is indeed the greatest asset he has.”

Weun and his wife’s dreams are starting to come true because they will have a secure home for their family. They now dream of achieving their dreams of sending their children to school and for them to grow up happy, healthy, educated and able to earn an income in the future.


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