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Utete, TZ – Assisted by laptop loan, daughter brings pride to village with high marks in secondary school – 2 Aug 2017

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-02 at 2.22.21 AMAcheni, the oldest daughter in the OMM Family, passed all of her national examinations and is now waiting to hear which universities she will be invited to join. She is grateful for the laptop loan her famly received because it allowed her to completely her assignments much more efficiently than if she had to use the public use computers at her school, which usually have an hours long queue.

The OMM family received a loan from Better Lives to purchase a computer for Acheni in October 2016. She needed the computer for her final year of secondary school. Many assignments must be completed on the computer and students who don’t have their own computers are forced to wait in long lines for the university’s public computers.

Acheni received the following marks:

General Studies: Passed
Physics: B
Chemistry: C
Advanced Math: C

According to the father of the OMM family, who is the village chairman, these marks represent the best marks anyone from Kindwitwi has ever received in their Form VI national examinations. The entire community is proud of Acheni’s accomplishments.

Acheni is anxious to hear which universities she will be accepted to and what the cost of attendance will be. She hopes to continue taking science and math courses at university.