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Mt Kilimanjaro, TZ – Parmiters B Group trenches over 450 meters to improve local water access – 1 Aug 2017

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-24 at 10.00.12 AMParmiters B helped Lishe Bora break new ground in more ways than one. The 17 students and 3 leaders were the first guests to stay at Lishe Bora’s campsite since they improved the camping facilities with a kitchen, toilets, oven, water connection, and grill. They also dug over 450 meters of trenches for the first expansion of the Mkyashi Water Project since its implementation.

During their stay Parmiters B completed a number of projects including:

  • 3 family vegetable gardens
  • 3 compost boxes and compost piles
  • 20 liters of organic spray manufactured
  • Contribution to the local Mkyashi Vicoba Community Bank
  • Extended water distribution

Their biggest contribution of work and funding was for the expansion of the Mkyashi Water Project. The group dug over 450 meters of trenching and laid a new mainline pipe with two public distribution points. They also helped 3 families implement private family connections off the system’s existing mainline.

Water is a basic human need. It is also the first step on Better Lives’ Path to Self-Reliance. It is nearly impossible for any development to happen without sufficient and affordable water access. Health, education, and income are all directly affected by a family’s access to water. Clean water is necessary for sanitation and growing crops. With sufficient water families can even grow excess crops to sell and improve their income. A child can only receive a good education when they are healthy, well-fed, and well-equipped for school with proper clothes and supplies. This is why improved water access is the first step on Better Lives’ Path to Self-Reliance. It is also why the community of Mkyashi was so enthusiastic and appreciative of the work Parmiters B contributed expanding the line.

Many community members worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the students helping dig the trench. At one point all 27 members of the Mkyashi Vicoba group came to help dig. The two new public Distribution Points immediately improved water access for 20 neighboring families. The line also brought around 30 families closer to getting a private home connection. They can now run a small distribution line off the mainline to get access at home.

In addition to the new mainline, 3 families received private home connections from the existing mainline. These three families saw the price for a bucket of water drop from 200 TZS (US $0.09) per 20 liter bucket to just 20 TZS per 20L bucket. This will improve health by making it cheaper and easier for families to follow sanitation best-practices. The cost reduction will make activities like vegetable gardening and livestock raising more profitable for families. Both of these improvements will help children attend and stay focused in school.