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Siem Reap, KH – Consistent income and expanded garden allows PMI to save for house down payment – 23 Dec 2016

PMI with his whole familyPMI has expanded his garden in order to earn more income from selling vegetables. Along with his full-time work with the Peaksneng Thormacheat Garden Shop, the additional vegetable income has helped him save money for a down payment on a Rent-to-own house.

PMI is a crucial member of the Peaksneng Thormacheat Garden Shop team who specialize in organic vegetable gardens. He uses this skill at home as he has a large vegetable garden and fruit tree orchard. Besides saving enough for the down payment on a new house, PMI has managed to buy a petrol water pump for his well, support his children’s education and buy a bicycle for his daughter, who has the farthest to travel.

PMI expanded gardenHis expanded garden had issues during a period of drought when the PMI well was dry, but the drought lasted only a month and the garden was able to bounce back quickly.

PMI is applying for the Rent-to-own program and hopes that the living environment the program offers will help his children succeed in school. He wants his children to go to university and escape village life so that they earn better incomes and support him when he is older.