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Mt Kilimanjaro, TZ – Water access enables family to expand livestock project – 14 Dec 2016

met-pigsThe MET family has expanded their pig project from 10 pigs to over 20 since getting a water connection at their home through the Mkyashi Water Project. The reduced cost of time and money for water means the family has more resources to invest in their pig project.

Previously, the MET family was paying 200 TZS per 20 liter bucket of water or walking nearly a kilometer to fetch dirty water from a stream. This meant that most of the time they spent tending livestock was actually spent walking to get water – at least 10 buckets per day. Water was the limiting factor for the family in expanding their project.

img_8606In late June two of the family’s pigs became pregnant. They planned to sell the piglets to other families for fattening because it would have been too expensive to supply water for so many pigs. Now the family is planning to fatten the pigs themselves. This has the potential to more than triple how much money they will make on the project.

The family also has small goat and chicken projects. They hope that after selling their pigs they can expand their other projects as well.