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Siem Reap, KH – PYP family improves life by participating in Rent-to-own program – 28 Oct 2016

PYP family in front of their home and organic vegetable gardenPYP, his wife and four children are the second family to move into a Rent-to-own home on Peaksneng Thormacheat shop’s development lot.  They love their new home and are able to raise two cattle and maintain two productive organic vegetable gardens on their property.

The Peaksneng Thormacheat shop’s Rent-to-own program gives impoverished families the ability to purchase land and build a home in a happy community development for a price that they can afford.  The family designs their home and property layout and the shop helps them build it.  Once the home is complete, the family pays an affordable monthly “rent” to the shop.  When the total of the cost of the home and land are repaid, the family own the land and the house.  The land layout is designed to help the family earn income to pay for the monthly rent. There is space for two organic vegetable gardens, a pig shed, cow shed and chicken raising area.  The property is large enough for the family to have a kitchen area, an eating area and a small fruit orchard.

Mrs. PYP in her gardenThe PYP family are growing enough organic vegetables in their gardens to feed their family with nutritious food every day with enough remaining to sell at the market.

They are having a challenge controlling the weeds in their garden so the shop team are mentoring them to improve their mulching technique.

Poun looks forward to living in the growing development area and is planning to build a pig pen on his land so that he can earn extra income to support his family.