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Battambang, KH – Tola dreams of becoming policeman – 15 Sep 2016

TolaTola is among the students receiving scholarship to study at Dewey School (DIU) through Children’s Future. He has studied at DIU four years, since he was grade 8. During the previous academic years, Tola has improved his knowledge of most of the subjects in the school especially in Physics. He performed well and earned better results than previously in this subject. This made him proud of himself. Thinking back to when he was young, Tola says he didn’t expect that he would still be in school today. His relatives, friends, and CFI encouraged him to get this far and believe in his potential.  He feels so happy because of this.

However, studying has not been without challenges for Tola. Chemistry was a very difficult subject. Tola put a lot of effort into studying at school and at home. At school he had to pay attention to the teacher’s explanation and tried to ask questions if he didn’t understand. Often, at school he had to ask his classmates or friends to help him understand the lesson and how to solve the problems. Moreover, in order to study and to complete his homework Tola sometimes asked for help from his relatives so that he could do better on his tasks.

In the comparison of the public and private school Tola mentioned that “The quality of education at private school was quite higher than public school. Most of the private school’s teachers treat students equally without any social racism. If there were a teacher who was absent, the private school had the substitute teacher to replace in the needed cases, while at public school they would allow students to go home instead of finding the substitute teachers.”

Now Tola is starting grade 11 with other classmates and his goal is to reach the top ten class ranking for this year. In the future, Tola wants to become a policeman. In order to achieve this goal, he needs to continue trying hard in his studies. He points to his uncle and his father as role models.