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Baja, MX – BCM building family homes – Oct to Dec 2013

Hector tells us that Hector David and Paul were directing and guiding groups to build 18 Homes, 8 latrines , and 19 special building projects during the three months.  Thank you both for blessing families in need by helping them change their lives for the better!

One family they helped was living in terrible conditions in one very small room that had a mattress for ceiling.A1 330

The family helped build their house under the direction of Hector David and Jon, and worked  hard to prepare the land and dig the hole for the latrine.  They learned a great deal while building their own home.C1 337

C3 330They are very happy in their new home, and their mother has been able to start a small business of planting trees and selling them for income. It is not easy, but is a very good start for their new life.F1 337

Hector says that “he hopes that this story will motivate others to get involved and help make a difference in a poor family’s life”.